Family Style Guide

Todays look for family portraiture is more about being comfortably dressed and coordinated verses formally dressed and matchy-matchy. We want you to have fun in front of the camera, so take a little time now to coordinate your family’s look and then you can relax into your best smiles the day of the shoot.  Keep in mind you want your portrait to be timeless so go for a classic look instead of trendy.

Color Selection

Select Two Main Colors

Select two main colors plus hues of those colors to share amongst your family members to give your group portrait a softer more harmonious look.  Don’t be intimidated by selecting those main colors because you already know your color preferences. Simply look to your home’s decor where you plan to display your portrait. Or, take a cue from the colors in your closet. 

Plus, give some thought to the season and let it’s color palette inspire you!

Plus One Accent Color

If you would like to jazz things up a bit and spike with a coordinating accent color, perhaps share that 1 color between only two or three people in the group to draw added attention to them and their connection, i.e., grandparents; mom and dad; or, siblings.

Seasonal Color Inspirations

Spring = Beautiful pastels, hues of blues and white

Summer = Classic navy or nautical red, white & blue, natural linen with subtle colors

Fall = Earth tones, harvest wheat yellow, burnt orange & rich maroons

Winter = Creamy whites, medium to dark grays, even high contrast black, plus jewel toned red, green, blue and purple with accents of silver or gold

Seasonal Textural Touches

Spring = Crisp cottons

Summer = Natural linens, sheer airy fabrics, cut lace or a lightweight open weave

Fall = Knit sweaters, denim and flannel

Winter = Classic wool jackets or sweaters, fur accents and velvet

Texture Vs Pattern

Textural Touches

Focus on adding touches of texture along with your color scheme more than introducing pattern. Stripes, bold prints or imagery are often distracting plus wrinkles in clothes are harder to photoshop. Better to work with solid colors and accessorize with layered textures.

Accessorizing with Texture

Accessories can add individual style to a portrait, as well as visually tie family members together. Consider such items as: hats, scarves, shawls, sweaters over patterned shirt(s), mittens, stockings, and no more than 1 flannel shirt per group to coordinate with accessories and main colors.

It’s a Wrap!
Lastly, take time to layout the family’s outfits next to each other to be reassured the big picture is looking good and you have all your accessories accounted for, as well.  Doing this now keeps you sane and let’s the kids have some input or plan for alternative backup outfits in advance. Save the super hero t-shirt your little one loves for a personal photo shoot later.  If haircuts are needed do this 3 to 4 weeks in advance so everyone feels confident with their look. Most importantly make sure everyone feels comfortable with their clothing choices. Make sure all clothes are pressed and presentable. A little pre-planning will make for a much more enjoyable family adventure.
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